Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Little Stitching

We are back.....just in case you noticed....we were gone!  We had a 2 week road trip down to and around Vancouver Island.......and we just pulled the camper van back into the driveway last night.  We saw and did many things and had a great time (aside from my cold....but I'm such a trooper....I forged onward regardless)....but a post on all of that is yet to come as we encountered a slight issue with photos requiring a bit of salvaging as many were inadvertently deleted.....oops.  (I wasn't by me, this time.....thank goodness)  But more on that later. 
One of the things I noticed about Vancouver Island is the alarming number of thrift shops and also antique shops if you are feeling a little more spendy.  I did manage to make one purchase in the thrift shops, and one in an antique store as well.  Being limited on space in the camper van....I limited myself to fewer purchases than I might have otherwise made.  The towel pictured above was a great thrift store find I made locally some time ago and found the perfect use for in an embroidered tea towel swap before leaving on my trip.  In retrospect, I might have chosen a brighter pink for the pink flowers........oh well too late now...........and the lady who received it is more than capable for fixing that if it is bothersome.   Now, I have three more of these towels in the cupboard waiting for a bit of embellishment.........I wonder what I should try next? 


Bean said...

I love this tea towel so much, I have a hard time using it! It hangs next to my favorite apron next to the back door window ;)

LittleRed said...

I'm so glad you liked it. It's intimidating to make stuff for you since all your projects are pretty perfectly done.