Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beach Knitting, Fires and Slugs

I always like to have a small project to take along to work on while we travel.  This annoys DH to no end.  He likes me to watch the scenery as he drives.  Quite honestly he is in for entirely less bitching if I am not quite so focused on his driving prowess.  Between you and me.....his eye tends to wander....and so does the car........and I have seen a lot of trees in my day....lots!
I actually finished off another pair of fetching fingerless gloves in a pretty terracotta using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino on the trip, but gave them away before I had a chance to take a photo of them.  The yarn was just perfect for them, so I may order some more of it:)  Next I started on a worsted weight sock pattern.  I had some time to myself....so after walking the beach and watching the sea lions play a bit.....I started on the socks.  They promised to be quick and easy.......and they have been so far.....hopefully I don't wait three years to complete them. 
Ike and Matt had their own fun on the beach.  They lit their own fire for us to have supper around, and decided to try some roasted seaweed.  Apparently it is salty, but tasty.  I am taking their word on this one.
We took some nice hikes and saw lots of neat creatures.........and some of the biggest slugs ever!


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I though he was kind of cute:)