Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm a Little Teapot Hiker:)

Today was my first hike up Teapot Mountain. It's just north of Prince George on Hwy 97 near Summit Lake. Ever since I had agreed to make the August weekend hike with my neighbour to Mt Robson, people have been making me nervous about my ability to make such a hike. So I started to wonder if maybe I was biting off more than I could chew. And........since my neighbour took a little trial hike up Teapot.....I started to feel like I needed to as well....just to make sure.
I'm not sure what I learned from my hike, as far as assessing my the teapot hike is a little itty bitty hike. Only 30 minutes to the top and another 10-15 minutes of ring trail around the top before the trail loops back and overlaps to take the original trail back down. It is however, quite steep on the way up and there are a few spots that are slippery with no real footholds or even branches to assist your balance. I had worried about my son making the climb as he's told me many times that he is not so much 'a nature boy', but he did quite well with no complaining. There are spots at the top where he went too close to the edge for my comfort. I myself am not too afraid of heights, but I also think my son over estimates his sure footedness. Usually he is bouncing around and nearly falling over on flat ground. But he didn't want my help, except for a few select spots. Mostly to remove some offensive looking shrubs.
The trail was much more scenic on the way down as we took the time to soak up the scenery and take photos. We saw all kinds of interesting foliage and even Ike enjoyed the scenery. All in all, it was a very nice little day hike! I would definitely like to to it again some time. It's a quick drive to get there and quite scenic along the trail and up on top. This little mountain (it's really tiny and I don't know why they call it a mountain) survived the last ice age due it's Basalt composition and it sticks out of the landscape quite noticeably. Once on top you have a nice spot to have a snack and overlook the beautiful view of Summit Lake below. Well, we all made it back safely and just in time for lunch. Now it's time to make some more syrup........Apricot:)


iCandyPhoto said...

These views are absolutely stunning! And im quite excited with all the syrup you make, apricot sounds amazing. Is it syrup (runny ?) or like jam?

CDonovan - Swapbot

LittleRed said...

It was a pretty little hike and I am looking forward to the next bigger hike....although getting very nervous about the pack weight......hoping to bring the camera still. Yes....all of the syrups are made for pancakes and they are runny.

Ziongirl said...

Your pictures are amazing.......Happy Hiking!