Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pampered by Post

When Ike and I returned from out trip there was quite a little pile of mail waiting for us. I had a few swaps come, one of which is pictured above. This was the Friends Swap which was hosted by Sew Prim Kris who is a wonderful swap host...and I will definitely be keeping an eye open for any future swaps she might host:) It was a sort of 'scavenger hunt' swap where you needed to find items to represent each letter of the words 'friends'. So my partner sent me Fabulous fabrics, Recipes galore, a little pouch for Incidentals, Energy food (peanuts slab, mmmmm, and minties), Note cards (of her very own photographs....absolutely lovely), Doilies and an absolutely gorgeous Summer embroidery (she does beautiful work) My Ike has been into the minties and is quite enjoying them and amazingly enough I still have the peanut slab in the fridge. One night we will all have to share it. Peanut and chocolate is one of my favourites:) In fact I love peanut butter chocolate ice cream is one of my favourites as is peanut butter and chocolate milk shakes. Thanks so much to my partner Kiwicarole for putting together such a great swap:0
Well if that wasn't enough......Ike received a thoughtful birthday package (also from NZ) from our neighbours who left us:( It was filled with all kinds of goodies by Smiggle. (Which I had not heard of's very kawaii!) And a great souvenir t shirt that Ike has already worn. Thanks heaps! I managed to get a little something in the package for me too....a cute little pouch for a cell phone:) We are spoiled aren't we?
Then I got this mystery package that took me some time to figure out. My good friend Jeannie had this cute little sampler sent to me from Out of the Box. What a great idea! Thanks Jeannie! I am so looking forward to your visit:) The cat absolutely adored the cat nip toy BTW.


Jeannie said...

Wow! What wonderful surprises to come home to :)

I LOVE that summer sampler. Just beautiful!

LittleRed said...'s nice to be spoiled every now and again:)

iCandyPhoto said...

I would be so excited receiving all of this when i got home! I get excited with postcards :) You had some great swap partners!

CDonovan - SwapBot

LittleRed said...

Actually only the first one was a swap.....the others were birthday presents sent in the mail.