Monday, December 8, 2008

Handmade Holidays Idea #7 Something for the Cat?

Well as an update to Non Commercial November..........I'm happy to say it went along quite well......until we got this cat. After a lot of debate over the work and responsibility involved in caring for a pet we came to the conclusion that we could fit a cat into the mix. Ike has really liked playing with the kitten so far. I'm sure much more, in fact, than the cat has enjoyed it. Well so far she has been highly entertaining for everyone. So this Christmas we are faced with the opportunity to share Christmas with a pet. While it seems that 'Ginger' has been quite happy to play with scrap yarn (and some that was not), a ball of tin foil, a bell on a string, and let's not even talk cat nip what are some proper cat toy options? So this really begs the I really need to even get something for the cat to play with?

But....if you feel the need to make something like I's an idea. A simple crocheted ball, much like a hakisack is a quick and fun toy. Make 3 or 4 and fill them with rice or pellets and you are good to juggle or even play hakisack. Fill them with light stuffing, some crinkley paper, and a bell and you have a safe baby toy. You may use any scrap yarn you have laying around. I had left over variegated red yarn from a knitted scarf project which was a nice colour for the holidays. I stuffed mine with some crinkley paper (wrappers from pop tarts), a bell, polyester stuffing, and some cat nip. It has no hanging or sewn on parts that might be detached and pose a choking hazard. With out any more it is.

Crocheted Stuffed Ball

4 mm crochet hook
scrap yarn
polyester stuffing
crinkley paper
darning needle

To start...chain 2
Rnd 1: Work 6 sc into the first chain. Place marker.
Rnd 2: Work 2 sc in each sc all the way around ( you now have 12 sts)Move marker.
Rnd 3: *work 2 sc into next st, sc into next st, repeat from * (you will now have 18 sts) Move Marker.
Rnd 4: *work 2 sc into next st, sc into next 2 st, repeat from * ( you will now have 24 sts)Move Marker.
Rnd 5-11: sc into each sc all the way around. Move marker.
Rnd 12: *sc2tog, sc into next 2 sts, repeat from * (you will now have 18 sts) Move Marker.
Stuff with desired stuffing.
Rnd 13: *sc2tog, sc into next st, repeat from * ( you will now have 12 sts) Move marker.
Rnd 14: sc2tog all the way around (you will now have 6 sts)
Break end of yarn and fasten off. With darning needle weave in yarn ends.


sc2tog= Insert hook into st and draw up loop. Insert hook into next st and draw up a second loop. Yarn over and draw through all three loops.


Alison said...

A cat!? Ike must be in heaven!! Is s/he (Ginger) ever cute! Now, if only I knew how to crochet . . . I know some other kitty folks this would be perfect for!

LittleRed said...

Well, you're in luck should take you all of about an hour to learn to make this one. I don't crochet and i did it so it must be pretty easy.

Gecko said...

That's gorgoues lR. I wish i could crochet, my mum can really well, but she's left handed and I'm right handed, so the teaching thing just isn't working!

Yarni Gras! said...

very cute, I'll have to make that one for Leo's stocking! I made my neice's kitty a little crocheted mouse and put catnip in it. That was before we got our own kitty.

Cathy | Mommy Motivation said...

what a great idea! I think I may try this - but knitted. Cause I can't crochet! :)