Monday, September 7, 2015

Apple Cake...Finally

I received this recipe over 5 years and just never got around to it.  Finally... I did, and now I remember why I asked for the recipe.  It is a really nice snack cake....especially this time of year when all the apples are falling from the trees.  This makes a nice high cake in the 9X9 inch pan and it is a little more dense a snack cake.  I was out of pecans at the time, which worked out well for my husband...who hates nuts in baking.  They make a nice addition with the I would recommend having it with the pecans if you have no nut issues.
Below is the recipe as it was given to me.  I think it may originally have come from a Company's Coming cookbook.  If you are looking for a nice Apple Spice  cake...I recommend this one highly.  I used the Cardamom rather than the nutmeg.....because I love Cardamom.....but I am sure Nutmeg would also be good:)

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