Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back into School Mode

Order is returning to my daily schedule now and I am starting to think about some new lunch options for Ike. Currently his favourite lunch is just cold cuts, cheese, crackers, sweet pickles, fruit and a cookie or something for dessert. ( today dessert is ginger sparkle cookies and a few Halloween treats) There are so many options when filling a bento box for a kids lunch......I think it might be time to try some new ones. We have tried boiled eggs with ranch dip, avocado salad, potato pancakes and ham, pikelets and fruit and cheese, and small finger sandwiches. I would like to try mini quiches or a frittata slice too. If you have any ideas...please let me know....we'd like to try something different too!
Since being home from work, I have missed the occasional trip to Vancouver and the trip to Daiso that came with it. Fortunately for me a coworker still makes these trips and he has been patient enough to fill my shopping list at Daiso for me. If only I could have a live camera to walk through the store with him. But of course that would only lead to spending more money......But come on.....this stuff is so kawaii....who could resist. And since it's a $2's pretty affordable....right?
Aren't those panda bento belts adorable??


Jeannie said...

Lucky Ike! Will you start making my lunch for me too?

What is "pikelets?"

Lori said...

I love these bento boxed lunches. They are so cute. But I am usually rushing to get my kids lunch together in the am. SO I have major respect for all thos bento commited people out there! Very cute

SMichalek said...

$2 Bento Boxes? Oh my gosh! The closest kawaii store to where I live is 500 miles away and they only have hello kitty boxes for $15+.
Would love to get in on this deal!

LittleRed said...

Hey Jeannie, I posted a link to the pikelet recipe so you can see what they are.
Hi Lori and Shelby! I can't seem to stop getting these little bento sets and have given quite a few away as gifts at kids parties now.