Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Halloween is sneaking up on me again......Just like it does every year. Today I simply must finish sewing my son's top and bottom for his Halloween costume in order to not get too stressed out over the whole thing. He has instructions to give me hell if it's not done when he comes home from school.....which is appropriate since he will be a little devil this year:)
Yesterday, I finished up the Baker's Challenge just in the nick of time so at least that is out of the way. Now, two more quick swaps to get in the mail and I'm done for a bit. Anyway, here is a photo of the Annie doll......well part of her anyway. She has now arrived to my partner in Brasil just in time for Halloween! She is dressed up for Halloween this year as a black cat. She has a warm fleece black top and bottom with tail attached....because Halloween is a bit chilly here. Hmmm she may be a bit over dressed for Halloween in Brasil.
The Halloween apron swap arrived back in Ontario for my partner as if I can only figure out how to turn the photo right side up........I'll have to come back and fix this.....but you get the picture!


Jeannie said...

Great job! She's so cute and I love the apron. The cookies in the next post sound super yummy.

Denysem said...

Hi Debbie,
thanks for your kindness.
I loved everything you sent me, and the sweet hummm ...
What Annie's most charming kitten.
Thank you.
Their must be coming, hope you enjoy.

LittleRed said...

Hi Jeannie! Those macarons are very yummy, I think you'd like them!
You are so welcome. Have a Happy Halloween:)

Yarni Gras! said...

that apron is AMAZING!

Yarni Gras! said...

oh...the doll is on the same post :-0 and is TOO the hair !

LittleRed said...

Thanks Valerie! I had fun with those Halloween swaps:) and am tempted to make each pattern again.