Friday, May 1, 2009

Peek From My Window

The weather here has been beautiful for the past few days and the melt continues. Some are getting tired of waiting and have snow blowers out on the front lawn and back getting rid of the last bits of offending snow. Many are out washing cars, raking leaves left behind from last fall, and others are playing basketball in the driveway or having lemonade stands (like the little girls across the street from us.)

The kids are starting to show up at school in shorts already to play soccer during recess, and lots of kids are now riding their bikes to school.
The back yard is nearly free from snow and even I've been out cleaning up the flower beds after my mother commented on how completely neglected they were. I'm now closely watching my raspberries for signs of new spring shoots which I can move to better locations, and getting ready to split my primrose from my MIL which is now huge. Never done it before...but....what's the worst that could happen?
I've finally raked out the debris from the back corner of the yard with all kinds of ideas on what kinds of perennials I can stick back there. Now I just need to bring in some soil....hmmm it's beginning to sound like work already.
I love spring, when all the little plants are getting green and growing. My peony, primrose, ferns, iris, lilies, globe plant, flox, chives, rosemary, thyme, and strawberries are all showing signs of life. So far though no signs of any lily of the valley. And they said you couldn't get rid of liliy of the valley even if you wanted to. We'll wait a bit longer before we panic on that one. Well, I'm off to tea with the neighbour and then to the plant nursery to scope out what I might need for my garden this year. Hope your spring or fall as the case my going well too!

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Scattered Mom said...

Omg-SNOW? I don't think I could handle that, lolol!