Monday, February 23, 2009

All Closed Systems Tend Toward Increasing Entropy (Disorder)

I've just passed the month and a half mark of being unemployed and finally I had a day where I had time to get some housework done and have supper ready at the appropriate time. I was actually amazed at how busy you can keep yourself when you should have nothing but free time. Now, hopefully, I will get busy with the task of taking control of the state of my housework. Already I am starting to feel freaked out about the possibility of returning to work sooner than I had anticipated.
While sorting and purging in Ike's playroom (we'll see if he even notices things are missing) I collected 2 full bags of toys and books that never seem to get used. I have a SERIOUS problem throwing things out and in general always feel better if I can find a new home for things. I took a trip to a new thrift shop in my neighbourhood to drop off Ike's...unmentionables:( And as luck would have it, (you've probably guessed this).... I found a few things I had to have. There must be some kind of cosmic balance which must be kept in the house that keeps stopping me from ever being clutter free. Entropy is king in my closed system........that much is certain. Perhaps I should just go with it?? On the up side......I did drop off much more than I brought back.......and you can NEVER have too many cups and saucers can you???

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