Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Slow Food Sundays

Weekends are just the right time for cooking those things that during the calamity of the work week, I just can't seem to squeeze in without total loss of sanity. Weekends for me should be about reassembling the the housekeeping catastrophe from the preceding week. Unfortunately, I am a procrastinator........and a procrastinator will do almost anything other than the thing that really needs to be done......like what I'm doing right now!

Sunday breakfast this weekend by Ike's request was french toast. It's the standard french toast, beaten egg, a bit of milk, a spoon of sugar, and a splash of orange extract. The orange extract is a nice change of pace from the usual vanilla and cinnamon I add. Just for Ike I use the heart shaped cookie cutter to shape the bread before dipping and cooking the bread. To speed things up a bit this morning, instead of bacon I went with some sauteed ham sausage since I had a ring of it in the fridge to use up, and some cinnamon fried apple wedges and fresh strawberries. The heart shaped cookie cutters and the dinosaur cookie cutter have made breakfast and lunch just a little more interesting, and are great additions to a bento box lunch as well.

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